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Indian head massage, which refreshes you with its immediate effect, relieves headaches, and helps you find your physical and mental peace in the long term. Book a 30-minute appointment for one person or come to our studio as a couple!



Nowadays, we can see that the nature of work has changed: instead of physical work, we mostly do mental work, which involves watching monitors and sitting for 8 hours a day. While our work used to involve the whole body, nowadays it is mainly our eyes, neck, shoulders and head that get tired. Our massage studio's credo is that the massage must also follow the changes in the environment: that is why we included the popular Indian head massage among our treatments, which provides a solution to everyday stress, exhaustion, and head and neck pain.

Indian head massage is performed not only on the scalp: the treatment consists of facial, scalp and décolleté massage. The massage is performed with 100 percent natural coconut oil, which regenerates skin cells, prevents the formation of wrinkles, and helps preserve the youth of our skin. The revitalized blood and lymph circulation supplies the massaged areas with nutrients and oxygen. The saturated fats of the natural oil, rich in antioxidants, effectively hydrate dry skin and prevent it from drying out. In addition to its general stimulating and stress-reducing effect, Indian head massage is also suitable for energizing the scalp.


  • To reduce insomnia and sleep disorders.
  • For stress relief.
  • To reduce eye fatigue and eye pain.
  • To accelerate hair growth.
  • To reduce fatigue.
  • To relieve headaches and relieve migraine symptoms.
  • To reduce exhaustion, constant fatigue.
  • To strengthen the immune system.
  • To maintain mental freshness.
  • To invigorate the blood circulation of the head, face and décolletage.
  • To alleviate the symptoms of depression.

If you also want to experience the harmony after a head massage, make an appointment with our therapists!



Indian head massage is based on the 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic healing methodology. In our massage studio, we strive to pass on this ancient knowledge to you during the head massage: we help you find the release of problems and troubles, you will feel more energetic and vigorous after the treatment.

The Indian head massage helps with physical and mental balance, during the treatment our therapists try to convey the meaning of Ayurveda, i.e. the "practice of long life", the feeling of "here and now". The head massage technique combines traditional massage techniques and the touch of marma points, which have a rejuvenating, refreshing and calming effect.

European massage culture, primarily traditional Swedish massage  (and other types of massage based on this) only partially touch the head as a part of the body, for one or two strokes. However, the health role of the head in balance cannot be emphasized enough. Our head is located at the center of our body, and this central role is reinforced by the fact that it plays a very important role in physical, mental and emotional control. That is why regular head massage has countless advantages:

  • It is recommended for almost anyone due to its stress-reducing effect.
  • It promotes the good condition of the skin and hair, which is why our treatment is also popular due to its cosmetic role.
  • Eliminates stiffness in the neck and shoulders.
  • In general, it improves the feeling of well-being, which has an overall effect on physical and mental health.

You can also buy a pass in our studio, so you can secure yourself an Indian head massage even on a weekly basis. Buy a head massage online with a few clicks, then book an appointment!


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