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The hot stone massage is performed with hot stones of volcanic origin, the healing effect of which was already known to medical science thousands of years ago. The smooth, flat stones with a temperature of 50-60 degrees, placed on the acupuncture points of the body surface, help the energy flow, release the tension and stiffness of the muscles, and dissolve the blocks. The purpose of the hot stone massage is primarily to relax, increase vitality, harmonize body and soul, and relieve stress. Make an appointment for our 1-hour treatment and recharge at the Central Harmony Massage Studio after a tiring day!



The origin of the lava stone massage goes back more than 3 millennia. American Indians, ancient Chinese and Indian healers, and even ancient Hungarian shamans used heated black obsidian lava stones (basalt stones) in their treatments. These pebbles were first introduced to our modern world in the early 1990s by an American massage therapist, namely Mary Nelson-Hannigan. The lava stone massage helps prevent the development of diseases and improves mental and physical well-being.

The treatment can be understood as a variation of the Swedish massage , in which, however, the masseuse uses hot stones instead of hands to relax the tissues of the body. By placing them on specific points, the energy channels are opened, so that the tissues that are more difficult to reach can also be reached. As for the temperature of the stones, the therapist uses warm and cold lava stones as well. Healing stones radiate, and their vibrations emit energy – these affect the body and mind in a number of ways.

The guest regains the flexibility of his body while his soul enters a meditative state, thanks to which wonderful changes can be experienced. In addition to increasing the flow of energy, detoxifying and relieving insomnia, the hot stone massage is also extremely good for the skin. The oils used for the treatment can reach the deeper layers of the skin more easily due to the high heat.


  • It stimulates blood circulation
  • It helps to relax muscles, relieve pain and relieve muscle stiffness
  • It speeds up the metabolism
  • It has a beneficial effect on lymphatic circulation
  • It has a stress-relieving effect
  • It helps with detoxification
  • It contributes to the proper flow of energy in the body
  • It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system
  • It speeds up the healing of injuries
  • Relieves menstrual cramps


During the hot stone massage, the masseuse heats the dark gray-black basalt stone to 50-60 degrees Celsius in a special container of water. Then he places them on specific points of the spine and between the toes. The specialist places the cold, marble stones in a similar way, and then begins to gently massage the muscles and tissues of the body with them. While the hard pebbles drive away the stress from our bodies, the pleasant warmth permeates the guest. Thanks to their heat and hardness, the hot stone massage reaches the deep tissues much more gently - so it's no wonder that this therapy is so popular.

At the Central Harmony Massage Studio, you can also buy a gift voucher or pass for the hot stone massage treatment! In addition, you can choose from many other types of massage: book an appointment in our salon and refresh yourself with a classic Swedish massage or an exotic bamboo massage!


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