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Lymphatic massage pass

Lymphatic massage pass
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Lymphatic massage or lymphatic drainage is a special physiotherapy procedure aimed at draining stagnant lymphatic fluid from the connective tissue. Its regular use eliminates tissue lymphatic congestion, reduces edema in the limbs, and also effectively supports the body's detoxification and immune system strengthening processes. In our salon, a pleasant environment, favorable prices for manual lymphatic massage and professional therapists await all our dear guests: book an appointment for a 45, 60, 75 or 90-minute treatment!



The smooth functioning of the lymphatic system is extremely important, as it is closely related to the immune system. It helps the selection of waste material in the tissues, thus basically determining the body's ability to regenerate. Lymphatic massage also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system: it calms, relaxes, promotes restful sleep, and improves well-being. It can be a great addition to weight loss treatments, and can be used before and after juice fasting treatments.

Lymphatic massage effectively reduces symptoms caused by lymphatic stagnation, such as swollen ankles or cellulite. By activating the lymphatic circulation, the body's self-cleansing and detoxification process starts, and toxins are eliminated through the kidneys and the digestive system. As a result of detoxification, the immune system is strengthened, which initiates self-healing processes.


There are several misconceptions about lymphatic massage treatments. One of them is that lymphatic drainage can also be performed by a beautician - however, it is important to know that it can only be performed by a qualified lymphatic therapist or lymphatic masseur! In the wrong hands, deterioration can occur and even thrombosis can develop. Another common belief is that lymphatic massage is painful. However, this misconception is not true either, as the treatment does not cause discomfort for the guest.


  • The fluid balance of the body is normalized and the immune system is strengthened
  • Activates the parasympathetic part of the vegetative nervous system, relaxes
  • It tones the smooth muscles of the blood vessels and creates a contraction, thus increasing the absorption effect of the capillaries and cleaning the tissues
  • It stimulates and activates the protective and inhibitory cells, as a result of which the feeling of pain decreases
  • In the connective tissues, the substances with large molecules are discharged, the tissue will be in a sol state
  • Abnormally accumulated fat, body fluid, toxins and other toxins are eliminated in the body


During the lymphatic massage, the guest is placed in a supine position, which is finished lying on the back or stomach, depending on the area to be treated. The lymphatic massager works the lymphatic system of the skin and connective tissue with gentle, delicate, repetitive movements and opens the lymphatic gates. After that, it drains the liquid - it directs the lymph from the "channels" preceding the lymphatic gate towards the gate, so that the accumulated waste products and poisons are removed from the body faster. In this way, the metabolic processes of the immune system and the cells are activated, and the general well-being improves at the physical, nervous and brain levels.

Our massage salon offers 45, 60, 75 and 90-minute treatments on request. In the case of a leg lymphatic massage, for example, a three-quarter-hour session may be sufficient, while a full-body massage requires 75 or 90 minutes.


  • For preventive, health-preserving purposes, to maintain fluid balance
  • For women in menopause and taking birth control pills
  • In stagnant conditions, e.g. edema, hematoma
  • In the state after surgery, accident or radiation treatment
  • In case of heart, vascular, thyroid and kidney diseases
  • For joint and musculoskeletal diseases
  • For dieters to maintain flexibility
  • In case of skin changes caused by protein overload, allergies, burns, chronic eczema and hair loss


  • In case of acute asthma, inflammatory, bacterial or viral infections
  • For acute venous diseases (e.g. deep vein thrombosis) and heart problems
  • In the case of radiotherapy and cytostatics
  • For tumors with high malignancy, within 1 year of the follow-up treatment
  • For pulmonary edema
  • During pregnancy
  • In case of untreated high blood pressure, severe vasoconstriction
  • In case of severe neuropathic limb

At the Central Harmony Massage Studio, in addition to the favorable lymph massage price, you also have the option of purchasing a gift voucher or a pass: surprise yourself or a friend with a cupping therapy or a relaxing oil massage!


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