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Magnesium massage

Magnesium massage
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Ancient Magnesium Massage combines the healing powers of magnesium and massage, effectively treating muscle pain and spasms. Book a 30-minute session for quick relief or indulge in a 90-minute session for complete rejuvenation!



Magnesium massage is recommended primarily for patients experiencing recurring muscle spasms who wish to eliminate these issues in the long term. The stimulating effects of magnesium on blood circulation and detoxification can improve muscle pain, joint pain, backaches, and leg pain. By combining massage techniques with ancient magnesium chloride gel, the massage therapists can effectively loosen tight muscles.

The magnesium chloride used during the massage is extracted from the pollution-free Zechstein Sea deep within the Earth's crust using advanced biotechnological processes. This material, originating from approximately 1600 meters underground, allows a substantial amount of magnesium to be introduced into the body, alleviating spasms, reducing pain, and restoring the skin's softness. Magnesium, often referred to as a "miraculous mineral" in ancient Chinese medicine, proves to be beneficial in modern healing and treatments as well. Experience the benefits of magnesium massage at our professional massage salon by scheduling an appointment!


  • Relaxes tired muscles.
  • Loosens tight muscles throughout the body.
  • Eliminates recurring muscle spasms in the long term. 
  • Restores the body's cellular magnesium levels. 
  • Aids in relieving headaches, lower back pain, leg pain, and backaches. 
  • Improves muscle function and regeneration, particularly for active or competitive athletes. 
  • Magnesium enhances athletic performance and boosts overall energy levels. 
  • Regular magnesium massage promotes better sleep. 
  • Magnesium has excellent immune system support properties.


  • Individuals struggling with recurring muscle spasms. 
  • Those engaged in standing occupations, subjecting their legs to regular strain. 
  • Athletes. 
  • Individuals with joint and rheumatic complaints. 
  • Individuals experiencing low energy levels and chronic fatigue. 
  • Those facing difficulties with sleep. 
  • Individuals seeking relief from frequent headaches.


  • Our treatments are performed by professional massage therapists with proper qualifications. 
  • We don't follow an assembly-line approach: each patient receives individualized treatment. Our focus is on the exceptional quality of treatments rather than the quantity of patients. 
  • Massage packages: Purchase massage sessions in advance at a discounted price with our package deals. 
  • As part of our special treatment, you can enjoy a cup of tea after your massage. Slow down your evenings and unwind in our salon 100%. 
  • Our diverse range of treatments provides solutions for various issues. Whether it's standing work, "tech neck," sedentary jobs, or joint discomfort, we can recommend a massage treatment that alleviates symptoms and complements medical therapy. 
  • You can choose from over ten different types of massages at our salon, including traditional Swedish massage, as well as unique treatments such as Indian head massage, bamboo massage, or lava stone massage. 
  • We offer a genuine massage experience that can also be given as a gift. We recommend our couples massages as a fantastic bonding experience for couples and friends. 

Escape the daily grind: with a massage, you can relax and contribute to your overall well-being. Book an appointment now!


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