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Sole massage

Sole massage
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Sole massage is one of the most effective ancient healing methods. The point is that by massaging a person's soles, feet and ankles, we trigger a reflex effect in the organs that promotes self-healing processes. In our studio, experienced and friendly sole masseur colleagues and favorable prices for sole massages await all guests in a pleasant, calm environment: book an appointment in our studio for an energizing and health-preserving individual or couple foot massage!



The science of sole massage has been used for thousands of years in different cultures almost everywhere in the world - it was considered a well-known and popular healing method in the Indian, Native American, and even in the ancient Egyptian tradition. For today's children, reflexology was discovered by an American physician (Dr. WH Fitzgerald) after he observed that by applying direct pressure to certain parts of the body, an anesthetic effect was achieved between corresponding body parts in the same region.


Sole massage is a treatment based on reflexology and oriental medicine. There are more than 7,000 reflex zones on the sole, which are connected to a specific part of the body. Any structural change affects the given micro-area, which can thus be detected even before symptoms appear in the corresponding zone. The sensitivity or pain of the reflex zone can be a guide for a person, and massaging it can help prevent problems. Traditionally, the treatment is carried out manually by the sole massager, but in some cases, various pressure devices and rollers can be used to stimulate certain parts of the foot.

The treatment primarily serves the purpose of creating balance and harmony in the body, as well as starting the body's self-healing processes. By massaging the reflex zones, the flow of life energy through the energy channels can be influenced in a positive direction. During the refreshing sole massage, a reflex response occurs in the organ, body part or gland belonging to the stimulated area - thanks to the treatment, the energy channels are opened, which transport the healing energies.


It is not by chance that the people of the past considered it important to massage the soles, because there are many anatomical and psychological benefits from it. By stimulating the appropriate area, more blood flows to the corresponding organs, circulation and metabolism improve, which starts the self-healing processes of our body.

  • After a busy day at work, a foot massage relaxes and relieves accumulated stress.
  • After a foot massage, we will sleep much better at night, so we will be more rested the next day.
  • The treatment releases cortisol, which strengthens the immune system.
  • It stimulates blood circulation in the lower limb, which is especially important after a tiring day - foot massage helps nutrients to reach the necessary places, and toxins can be removed faster.
  • The symptoms of certain diseases can be alleviated, e.g. high blood pressure, chronic fatigue or liver failure, menopause and other hormonal diseases.
  • Foot massage can even help with emotional problems - of course, it does not eliminate the root cause, but we feel better even after one treatment.


Therapeutic sole massage is especially recommended for metabolic diseases, spine problems, digestive problems, thyroid problems, and headaches and neck pain. It also has a beneficial effect on heart and circulation complaints. Just a few treatments have a favorable effect on respiratory problems (e.g. allergies, asthma), various skin complaints, improve the general condition of the immune system, and kidney and bladder problems.

In our studio, you can take part in an individual or couples foot massage, or you can even surprise a friend with a treatment as a giftIn addition to the foot massage, our offer also offers many other options for relaxation, from lava stone massage to sport massage to cellulite massage! Book an appointment for our treatment with just a few clicks!


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