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You can make your reservation with the code you received for your purchase, or give the printable voucher received in the email as a gift, which can be used for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Nowadays, sports massage is becoming more and more popular not only among athletes, but also among ordinary people: it helps prepare you for physical exertion, increases performance, and it has a regenerating effect. In our studio, our sports massage colleagues have the appropriate knowledge of anatomy and physiology to provide effective treatment: book an appointment for a 45, 60, 75 or even 90-minute sports massage with us!



Sports massage is a technique based on Western traditions and mostly consists of moves used in Swedish massage - but it is much more powerful and intense than that. During the treatment, we work not only on the surface tissues and muscles, but also on the deeper layers and deep muscles. Correctly and regularly performed sports massage can increase the performance capacity of the muscle many times over. In order to increase the result, it is worth drinking more liquid after the massage, so that the toxins leave our body more easily.


Sports massage has many advantages, which make it worthwhile to go for regular treatments. Thanks to its intensity and powerful, deep strokes, it has a much faster and more lasting effect than other types of massages. The three main techniques are kneading, tapping and vibrating. Among other things, the techniques aim to:

  • break down adhesions, soften scar tissue,
  • stimulate blood circulation and metabolism,
  • treat muscle spasms, muscle strains,
  • increase tissue permeability,
  • soothe the pain
  • improve tissue elasticity,
  • reduce anxiety.


Before playing sports: a thorough warm-up is essential before any sports activity. Sports massage prepares the muscles, thanks to which performance will increase and the risk of muscle and joint injuries will be reduced.

After sports : after an intense workout, a hard sports massage effectively regenerates the strained muscles and normalizes their tone. In this way, the waste products released after sports can be emptied faster - and with the removal of lactic acid, there is less chance of developing muscle fever.

It is worth using for both active, professional athletes and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Stiffened, less active muscles may need help just as much as a strained body. Despite the fact that sports massage is more common among active athletes, anyone can use this type of massage.


Although sports massage has many positive effects, for some people and in some cases the treatment can do more harm than good. Since the therapy consists of intense, powerful movements, they have a strong impact on the body and may even cause further injuries. Sports massage is not recommended:

  • during pregnancy,
  • during menstruation,
  • in case of vascular disease or cancer,
  • for dermatological problems,
  • in thrombosis,
  • in case of frostbite, burns, broken bones,
  • in case of bruises, tendon tears, muscle tears,
  • open wounds, cuts, abrasions or tears,
  • in osteomyelitis,
  • you have a fever
  • in case of rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

Our team consists of trained sports massage therapists who offer fully individualized treatments to all guests who want a massage. On our website, you can also buy a gift card or a pass , and you can make your reservation with the code you received, or give the printable voucher you received in your email as a gift! Sports massage in the heart of Budapest: make an appointment for our treatment today!


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